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5 Stunning Kitchen Design Ideas

In modern Britain, kitchens often occupy the pride of place as a house’s social and communal hub. This drastic change from murky Victorian backroom to domestic powerhouse arrived partly through the rise of personalised streaming technology undermining the need for a communal entertainment area. In kitchens, we gather, catch up, and most importantly, cook.

kitchen design ideas - adding colour

As kitchens spaces prove so fundamental to modern family life, any design improvements create a dramatic and permanent impact on everyday living. Unlock your kitchen’s potential as a chic yet homely domestic centrepiece with these 5 kitchen design ideas.

5. Refresh Your Kitchen Backsplashes

The name “backsplash” conjures a sense of unpleasant design necessity. However, the material between your wall and your sink or cooker can become a kitchen highlight that brings the room together. As kitchen design ideas go, new backsplashes offer a huge aesthetic change without too much disruption. Your old backsplash may be stained or cracked, and with a wide variety of materials and colours to choose from, an update could create a fresher and more durable option.

Many homeowners opt to echo their surface-tops in their kitchen backsplash. Treated natural rock or even an engineered quartz backsplash can add height to the room and draw the eye with delicate marbling.

Others opt for a sleek and simplistic backsplash in glass or steel. Both are a breeze to install and maintain but may deviate from a homely, bespoke kitchen vibe.

Tiling offers another popular kitchen backsplash option. Again, tiles are easy to maintain and can be replaced individually if any tiles crack. Patterns vary by individual taste, with monochrome adding a sleek, industrial atmosphere, and painted tiles lending individual intricacy.

kitchen design ideas

4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Alongside the rise of green colours in the kitchen, modern kitchen designs also reflect green eco-friendly movements. These reflections range from simple, money-saving measures to bespoke, artisanal reclaimed furnishings.

The simpler end of the spectrum includes introducing more plants in your kitchen. Windowsill herb gardens add health and freshness to your menus while cutting down the food bill. Larger leafy plants can also protect your surfaces and backsplashes from rotting or rusting by catching and drinking spilt water near the sink.

Bring reused and reclaimed materials into the kitchen to add new touches to the furnishings. The recent popularity in second-hand upcycled metals ushered burnished copper and bronze into things like light fittings and drawer-handles. This movement saves waste from the landfill while breathing new life into your kitchen design.

3. Surface-level Kitchen Design Ideas

Changing kitchen surfaces is a great way to freshen up your home’s cookery hub. Your choices depend on what you or your family do in the kitchen. Young families and avid chefs may opt for a more durable countertop in engineered stone or stainless steel, to keep the surfaces stronger for longer.

Alternatively, glass or porcelain brings elegance and clarity, while treated “butcher’s block” wood adds a rustic feel.

In terms of design ideas, new trends suggest contrasting your counter colours with the side-colours and removing overhanging slips for an eye-catching yet efficient look.

update kitchen surfaces

2. Sorting Out Your Storage and Cabinet-Covers

The purpose of a kitchen is to store and prepare food, and drawer and cupboard updates make the process look pretty along the way. Colour-pops go a long way in a modern kitchen, so the easiest update might be a lick of paint or varnish. Blacks, whites, and neutral tones still reign supreme in the kitchen colour-palette, but a bright spot of yellow or red may well bring the room to life. Dark green lowlights can also offer soothing contrasts and with a calm, natural vibe.

In terms of streamlining the storage itself, open-shelving and cabinets can improve efficiency and appearance. Put your food and utensils on display with an open-plan cabinet or shelf, or even hooks and pots, to make your kitchen lively and easy to use.

1. Shedding Light on Kitchen Designs

Natural light is any home designer’s most powerful tool. It adds volume and warmth to a kitchen, reflecting its journey from backroom to the forefront of home life. Letting light into your kitchen will brighten your mornings and bring a natural backdrop to your evening meal. Light-innovating revamps include bifold doors or skypod roof lanterns.

Bifold doors are the fastest-growing glazed door design on the market. Installed internally or externally, bifolds bring natural light and large, versatile space to a home. Their concertina structure allows them to fold away dynamically, joining spaces and bringing families and views together. The glass panels allow light to flow naturally through kitchens, where homelife convenes.

Skypod roof lanterns add volume and light with a breath-taking glazed ceiling design. Pitched panes draw the eyes aloft, creating a stylish innovation for any modern kitchen. Both Skypods and bifolds offer straightforward installation procedures, taking a matter of days to brighten your kitchen life for years to come.