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Can a Porch Transform Your Home?

A porch is a single-storey extension to the front of your house. Depending on your style of property, you may already have a semi-enclosed porch or an over door canopy. A porch is a small area of your property entrance, but this space could transform your home.

Transform Your Home

The History of the Porch

Porches became widely used for homes during the Edwardian period at the start of the 20th Century. Before being used for domestic developments, they were first introduced to the UK at the front of church buildings. In the Edwardian period, porches were often built as a decorative feature as part of the Arts and Crafts movement.

Semi Enclosed Porch

A church porch frames your front doorway and creates shelter. Depending on your style of property, you could replace and restore your porch at the same time as your front door.

Fully Enclosed Porch

A fully enclosed porch can create an extra room at the front of your property. Normally within permitted development, a porch can be 3m² in floor area and not within 2 metres of any boundary. This provides you with plenty of space for storing coats and shoes. No more muddy boots in the house and you can have space to dry off after rainy dog walks.

The Benefits of a Porch

One of the main benefits of a porch is the space to store shoes and coats. This everyday clutter would normally be scattered around the downstairs of your home. With one clear storage zone, your home can be transformed into a calmer and tidier place.

With the addition of a porch, you’re also adding an extra level of security to your home by installing a second lockable entranceway. If you keep the original front door secure, your porch can also be used as a safe place for deliveries. A porch provides great insulation in the winter as a barrier to cold air entering your home.

How Can a Porch Transform Your Home?

With such a small footprint area, it would seem unlikely that a porch could change the way you live. But picture this; you arrive home on a cold rainy winter’s day with a car boot full of shopping. You’ve had a tough, tiring day and feel uplifted arriving home to your welcoming new front door. Your new door opens into your porch that even on a dull day, the Skypod Roof Lantern captures the winter light. With so much shopping you have to make a few trips to the car boot to unload on to the porch floor. You don’t need to worry about this easy to clean floor getting wet. Now the shopping bags are in the porch you shut the front door and take off your wet coat and shoes to leave them to dry. Then with a pleasing sigh, you open your second front door and shout the family to come and help with the shopping.

It’s a simple story of everyday life, but sometimes small changes can make a big difference so that is how a porch can transform your home.

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