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Home Security Ideas to Protect Your Property

As modern life is busy, we can easily become complacent about where we live. It’s a lot more popular to focus on how your home looks instead of how secure it is. Protecting your property can feel as straight forward as locking your windows and doors. However, there is more you can do. Here are some simple home security ideas that are easy to implement without the need for alarms or technology.

Home Security Ideas


Having a gravel pathway or drive is often considered as a cosmetic decision, not a security measure. Due to the nature of gravel, it makes quite a loud sound when walked upon. Having a pathway or drive that creates noise is off-putting to potential intruders. If you keep the gravel well topped up the more sound it will create.

Outdoor Lighting

This home security idea will help protect your property but also create a more pleasant arrival home in the dark. By installing motion sensor exterior lights, you are deterring unwanted attention to your property. As burglary rates increase during winter, it shows that thieves benefit from the cover of darkness. Having lighting for the front and rear of your property is a sensible security measure and makes it easier for you when trying to find your front door key!

Solid Front Door

A 2018 study by Money Supermarket showed that in most burglaries, the criminals broke into the house or flat through the front door. The door had either been kicked in or had the lock forced open. This means that having a solid front door is one of the most important home security ideas. Solid core composite doors are made using 16 layers of laminated veneered timber making them especially secure. A solid core composite door can be fitted with a range of lock options so you can select the highest level of security.

Protective Gardening

Planting spiky or thorny plants near ground floor windows can deter thieves. The Police recommend trimming high hedges so you can have good visibility. Having low hedges avoids creating any easy hiding places for your property to be watched from.

Avoid Obvious Signs

Be careful about using exterior signs like ‘beware of the dog’ as this can imply that a dog can easily move around undisturbed. So, a burglar could do the same if you are out walking the dog. Also, be aware of making sure that calendars can’t easily be seen from outside. Calendars can advertise when the household is often out or on holiday.

Buy a Timer

A simple and effective way of making your home look occupied when out in the evening is a power socket timer. This home security idea is a perfect deterrent by having a few floor or table lamps on around the property.

What Home Security Ideas Will You Use?

From installing a strong front door to taking down the ‘beware of the dog’ sign, you can decide to invest in security or make some small changes. It’s not only a sensible decision but being aware of your home security could also reduce the cost of your home insurance policy.

If you would like to find out more about the security benefits that our range of solid core composite doors offer, please download our brochure.