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How Secure are Bifold Doors

We understand that your family’s safety will always be a paramount concern and therefore, effective home security is a priority. Consequently, you may wonder how secure are bifold doors and whether they are worth the investment. Rest assured that if bifold doors are purchased from a reputable source, installed effectively, and the correct precautions are taken; they can seamlessly connect interior and exterior spaces whilst providing increased security.

how secure are bifold doors

To provide some peace of mind, we have put together a list of the various security features bi-folds offer and some top tips for improving their safety.

Increasing the Security of Bifold Doors

There are numerous ways to increase the protection of your bifold doors, which will be covered in more detail later in the article. However, our three top tips include installing:

• Laminated glass provides an extra layer of vinyl between the two glass panes. This makes it impact resistant and impossible for potential intruders to effectively use glass cutters. In the unlikely event it does break, laminated glass is far less harmful.

• Security systems that can be programmed to alarm if your bifold doors are tampered with, providing that extra peace of mind.

• Security screens which are mounted in front of, or behind, your doors. The mesh screens provide extra protection and ventilation. This is especially useful during the summer months when your doors are likely to remain open.

Effective Installation

It is important to take frequent measurements of your bi-folds to ensure all components are in working order and connect perfectly. Bifold doors must be placed in the seated track correctly to prevent forced entry. Moreover, it is essential to check that when the door is closed, it forms a tight seal.


At a minimum, bifold doors should feature double-glazing, whereby the internal beaded frames of the doors overlap with the glass panels for increased security. To reduce energy bills, prevent potential bulgers and safeguard against accidents, we recommend using toughened glass.

Locking Systems

The most important feature of a bifold door is the locking system. It is common for a bifold door to contain a hidden inline tracking and multi-point locking system to ensure they cannot be removed from their mechanism by intruders. As well as this, they come with varying operational locks. Including childproof locks, drop bolts, deadbolts and the two most common, twin point and keyed locks.

Twin point is considered the most attractive system as they surround the handle and operate both the locks at the top and bottom of the bifold door. Keyed locks and padlocks are an easy and effective method to secure your door. Although it’s important to never leave your keys in common places, such as under plant pots or in garden sheds, as this can increase the chance of burglary.


Advanced alarm technology means homeowners can now fit subtle systems that do not damage the exterior of their home. We recommend systems that can sync to your smartphone, computer or tablet, so you have the ability to watch your property even when you are away. Glass-break alarms are also a great feature to alert you if your glass is tampered with.

If alarm systems are out of budget, opt for inactive system boxes that pose as real alarms. These are a great and inexpensive method to deter intruders, but be sure to choose a convincing design!

To summarise and answer the persistent question “how secure are bifold doors?”, bi-folds are incredibly reliable and safe compared to their competitors. Aluminium bifold doors are an exceptional, modern alternative to the more conservative choices; not only do they save energy and space, but they allow natural light and warmth into adjoining rooms, making them a great addition to any home.