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Interior Design Ideas with Indoor plants

Using indoor plants as decorative accessories for interiors is becoming increasingly popular. They are much more than an item you forget to water and put in a plant pot in the corner. Indoor plants can become a stylish feature to any room and are great for inspiring interior design ideas.

Due to the results of a Nasa experiment demonstrating that they can help clean air and the Exeter University study showing they increase productivity, indoor plants are an essential part of interior design styling.

Interior Design Ideas

Indoor plants can add a sense of calm and intrigue to any size of room. For only a small cost, you can transform a sterile unwelcoming space into an oasis to unwind in away from the stress of everyday life.

Hanging Indoor Plants

Displaying indoor plants in containers hanging from the ceiling creates an eye-catching focal point. Hanging decorative items from a ceiling produces an illusion of height and space, creating a wow factor.

A large display of plants could be hung over a dining table to transform the space into a green wonderland. If you have low ceilings, plants hung in the corner will make the room seem larger and will help avoid the risk of people hitting their head!

Living Walls

Creating a wall of plants can seem like a daunting task, but it may be easier than you think. The most straightforward approach is to use shelves with pot plants placed on them. The shelves could either be against one wall or positioned in a corner.

For plant holders created especially to hang on the wall, you are spoilt for choice. Wall planters are available in a wide range of materials perfect for all your interior design ideas. You can select to display a few large planters or fill a whole wall with a selection of smaller planters.

Living walls are perfect for well-lit living spaces. In a flat roof extension, it is easy to install a Skypod Roof Lantern to create the ideal natural light environment for a living wall feature.

Floor Planters

If you have bifold doors out to your garden, you can use indoor plants in pots to create a sense of merging the inside with the outside. Positioning plant pots on the floor inside and outside of the doors will draw your sightline for a longer distance making the room feel larger.

You can also add splashes of colour and texture with your selection of floor planters. Selecting similar colours for inside and out will strengthen the illusion of merging the two spaces. When installing new bifold doors, you can select frames that will complement the floor planters.

Interior Design Ideas for Plants at Different Levels

By experimenting with plants positioned at different levels within a room, you can create an interior that is relaxing and inspiring. Selecting planters of different colours and shapes will bring the scheme together and can be coordinated with other decorative details such as the soft furnishings.

Large plants can create drama when positioned in the corner of a room. Plants hanging from the ceiling can frame a fireplace or either side of a bed. Using plant stands at different levels is a great way to draw attention around the room.

Natural Light

If you are looking for ideas on improving the levels of natural light in your home to keep your house plants happy, please read our blog on ways you can increase light levels in your home.

Naturally light living and working spaces are essential for the health of humans and plants. If you want to find out more about our range of products, please get in touch.