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Is a Roof Lantern Right for Your Home

Before deciding if a roof lantern is right for your home, it is worth figuring out exactly what a roof lantern is, as they are often confused with skylights, which are totally different. Roof lanterns can be fitted on flat or pitched roofs. They are essentially a glass ceiling for your room and allow the space to be flooded with natural light.

Roof lanterns are often pitched upwards in a pyramid shape, adding height to your room. They are usually unable to be opened.

Now you’re clear on the difference between roof lanterns and skylights; you’re ready to decide if a roof lantern is the natural light solution you want for your home. Here are some points to consider.

roof lantern

Which Way Does the Room Face?

If your room faces South, a roof light will fill the room with lots of natural light. If your room faces North, installing a roof light will add light to a room which would otherwise be fairly dark.

This may determine the size of roof lantern you go for, as a large lantern would be great in a North facing room but might make a South facing room too warm in Summer.

What Will the Room be Used For?

If you plan to sleep in the room, a roof lantern may not be the best choice as they are designed to let light in, which can cause problems in the long days of summer if you want the room to be dark.

Consider the UV radiation as well. Most glass will block some UV radiation. However, you may not want to take the risk of letting lots of UV rays into a room in which you spend the majority of your time.

Do You Want More Natural Light?

One of the main benefits of roof lanterns is that they considerably increase natural light in a room. If this is what you want, then a roof lantern is the perfect solution. Natural light has proven physical and mental health benefits. It, therefore, makes sense that you would want to increase the availability of it in your home.

Will You Need Planning Permission?

According to the Planning Portal, generally, you won’t need planning permission for a roof lantern. The regulations state that planning permission isn’t needed unless the alterations are more than 150mm higher than the existing roof. Or the alteration is higher than the highest part of the roof currently. For most roof lanterns, then, this wouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are going for a larger roof lantern, it might be worth double-checking with your local planning authority first.

What Type of Look do You Want in Your Roof Lantern?

Roof lanterns are highly customisable to fit the individual style of your home. You can choose the size, the colour of the finish, and the type of glass.

It is worth thinking about how the roof lantern will look both from inside and outside your property and choosing colours and finishes that will fit in best.

Consider if you are going for a sleek modern look, where a grey or white finish might be best suited. Or a more traditional look where a wood coloured finish might fit better.

If you’ve decided that a roof lantern is a perfect fit for your home, then Just Doors and Conservatories can help. Our range of Skypod roof lanterns is designed to fit in any home and can be customised to fit your unique needs. Order today or get in touch for more information.