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Personalise Your Order with Chrome Door Furniture

When ordering from our range of made to order solid core composite doors, you can choose from a wide range of finishing touches. One of the most popular design details is to use chrome door furniture.

Door furniture is a term used to describe the hardware and fixtures that are added to your solid core composite door order. From hinges to handles and letterboxes to door knockers this guide will help you decide which chrome door furniture to select.

Chrome Door Furniture

Door Hinges

All the hinges we supply are developed specially to ensure the fitting of a perfectly secured front door. Depending on your installation requirements, you can select hinges that have more adjustability features.

As a functional item, the appearance of a hinge is often forgotten, but it is important that the door hinges match the rest of the door furniture. Although you often only get a glimpse of the door hinges, it can look like out of place if they are not coordinated.

Both our solid core door adjustable hinge and trojan hinge are available in a stylish chrome finish.

Door Handles

An elegant slim handle is best suited to match with a classic modern door style. By selecting chrome door furniture, you can ensure that the contemporary style is an eye-catching finishing touch.

A traditional heritage handle works well with doors featuring colourful glazing on a period property.

If you have selected a colourful door colour, chrome door furniture acts as a neutral base to reflect your colour choices.

The Sweet design lever pad door handle includes additional security features designed to resist handle and lock snapping. As it is available in a chrome finish, you can be both safe and stylish at the same time.

Letter Boxes

Including a letterbox is a choice of personal taste as some people prefer to have an external post box. If you do want to include a letterbox, you can be reassured to know that all our options are available with a chrome finish.

As with door handles the style of your letterbox can be matched to your other chrome door furniture. The Sweet letterbox has a simple curved design that would be a seamless addition to any door.

If you want a letterbox with increased security, you can choose the Nu Mail which includes a shield; a secured by design feature. For a more traditional look, the Heritage letterbox has a crimped edge to create a sophisticated style.

Finally, if you want a timeless chrome finishing touch, the Architectural letterbox has all the classic style you would expect and is perfect for a modern door.

Knockers and Numbers

Depending on the location of your front door, you may or may not need door knockers or numbers. Even if you decide to have a doorbell or numbers on the house wall, the appearance will be even more pleasing if they coordinate with the rest of your chrome door furniture.

Door knockers are both a functional and decorative item. The traditional urn style door knocker has a sense of sophisticated grandeur for both modern and period properties. On a practical note, the urn style knocker can conceal an optional viewing hole.

For a simple and strong style, the Heritage bullring creates a powerful statement. In a chrome finish, this knocker will glow in the sunshine creating a fresh and pleasing appearance.

The Sweet design and Architectural knockers both have a subtle slimline design. The chrome finish will help them stand out against any colour while creating a simple contemporary style.

As part of the ordering process, you can include numerals or letters that are supplied loose with the delivery. There are two styles of numerals available. The traditional range coordinates with urn style knocker and the modern style is part of the Sweet design range.

Chrome Door Furniture is the Perfect Finishing Touch

We hope you have found this guide to chrome door furniture helpful. If you would like to view all the door furniture options we have available, please download our brochure.

For any queries about the ordering process for solid core composite doors or the other products we supply, please contact us.