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The Benefits of a Solid Core Composite Front Door

Choosing a new front door is a huge decision – not only does it need to be secure, but it’s also the first impression that your house makes on guests, and the sight that will welcome you home every day. You want to pick something you love, and that makes you feel safe.

But there are so many options, and it can be overwhelming trying to work out what will be best for your home.

The Benefits of a Solid Core Composite Front Door

Solid core composite doors, or timber core composite doors as they are also known, have a number of advantages over other types of currently available front door, which we will discuss here, and which may make them the best choice for you and your house.


Keeping your home secure is a big worry for many of us. Solid core composite doors, are one of the best options in terms of the safety of your home. Their timber interior allows for top of the range security features to be integrated into the door itself.

Many locksmiths recommend a front door that is primarily made of wood. Doors constructed of wood have more high-security locking options, which are not available on UPVC or standard composite doors that feature a foam filling.

With a timber core composite door, you can have the most secure mechanisms on the market installed. The PVCu skin in which the wood is encased will make your door less susceptible to wood rot and damage, which can compromise locks in more traditional timer doors.

Some solid core composite doors are even designed so that the core is constructed out of layers of wood veneer organised so that the grain runs in multiple directions, making them stronger than traditional timber doors.

Low Maintenance

As well as being highly secure, solid core composite doors are also very low maintenance.

The outer layer of high-end timber core doors is highly resistant to damage and fading, meaning that your door will need barely any care at all.

Where traditional timber doors need fairly regular coats of varnish, paint or stain, a timber core composite door will only require basic cleaning to keep it looking brand new, which you could have done at the same time as your windows.

Highly Customisable  

Not only are solid core composite doors customisable in terms of security features, but there is also a wide range of aesthetic finishes to choose from, which, due to the high-quality finish, will remain in beautiful condition for years to come.

Cheaper standard composite doors and PVCu doors, although they can come in a wide range of colours and finishes, can be susceptible to fading, and often show wear quickly, appearing scratched and discoloured.

The coating on high-end solid core composite doors is far more resistant to this kind of wear and tear.

The strength and thickness of solid core composite doors means that there will be a comprehensive range of options available to you. These include extra tough glazing and various types of locks. It also means that you can have a door made in whatever style you want, whether traditional or more modern.

Secure and Stylish

Solid core composite doors take the best parts of other types of other doors on the market – the material strength of traditional timber doors and the ease of day to day maintenance of uPVC doors – and improves them, layering the wood for added strength and improving the longevity of uPVC.

A solid core composite door offers you security along with high build quality without having to compromise on style, making it an excellent choice for any home.