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What is a Solid Core Door?

Traditionally most UK homes would have exterior doors made with solid wood. This would have been made of timber such as oak. Before 1949 it was a building requirement that front doors be made from just one piece of timber. As the demand for housing grew, it was not possible to source enough large pieces of timber. Therefore, the regulations were changed to allow doors to be made up of panels of timber. Traditional solid wood exterior doors are still popular today for period feature properties. However, the expense and maintenance required for solid wood no longer make them the most practical choice.

Solid Core Door

The Alternative To Solid Wood

As building materials have developed a more cost-effective and low maintenance alternative has been created. In the 1970s, a new way of processing wood called Lamination was introduced. The process uses thin layers of wood which are glued together and heat pressed. This new laminated wood is as strong as timber but without the natural weaknesses.

Strength and Sustainability

The multiple layers in laminated veneered timber create a strong centre for solid core composite doors. This is a very important security feature in an exterior door. The manufacturing process for veneered timber uses sustainability sourced wood that is environmentally friendly. As the lamination process can use more of the timber and waste material, the production method has less environmental impact than solid timber or UPVC doors. Once the lifetime of your solid core doors come to an end, it can be recycled instead of being sent to landfill or incinerated.

Why Buy Solid Core Doors for Your Home?

Many composite doors are foam filled which means they can be easily damaged or dinted and don’t provide a high level of security. With a solid core door, the foam is replaced by a strong and sustainable laminated veneered timber. You can therefore be confident that your new door will be nice and secure.

The laminated material is simple to attach fixings and fittings and there are various lock options to please even the most security-conscious.

Solid Core Doors Style and Colour Choices

A further benefit of laminated timber is the choice of veneers that can be applied as the final layer. For exterior composite doors, a durable and robust PVCu skin is the best option. This layer can have the appearance of wood grain or a smooth finish. The outer layers can also be produced in a wide range of colours that are easy to clean and require no painting. As a solid core composite door is now a popular choice for home building and renovation, you can select from a wide range of styles. From classic curved glazed panels to more modern rectangular features, there is a style to suit everyone.

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