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What is Secured by Design?

Secured by Design (SBD) is a national police initiative established in 1989 to help reduce the amount of crime. Their aim is to improve the environment we live in and design out crime.

Secured By Design

Why is it Needed?

In the housing boom of the 1960s – 1980s, a great amount of poor-quality accommodation was built. Large estates were constructed quickly and often cheaply without any consideration for basic security.

Burglars discovered that poorly installed windows and doors meant homes were easy to break into. The external glazing of the cheap windows and doors enabled burglars to lift out whole panes of glass for easy access to a property.

As the number of vehicles increased on the road’s, developers decided to protect pedestrians with elevated walkways and subways. In large estates, these walkways and subways created a rabbit warren of escape routes for criminals.

As the crime rate increased and criminals became harder to catch Secured by Design was set up by the police to combat the increase in burglaries.

What Difference can Secured by Design Have?

The Secured by Design initiative has established themselves as an important security reference for all types of industry and organisations.

To work on improving the environment we live in, SBD are involved with planning departments around the country. This work consists of reviewing plans at the very start of the property development process.

When new apartment blocks are being planned, SBD advises on the external layout of shared spaces and access. For example, they can recommend open landscaping that has clear sightlines and no recesses for criminals to hide out of sight.

Secured by Design can make sure developers install the correct level of outdoor lighting, so it is safe for residents at night-time. In planning property layouts, soft surveillance techniques are used so that living accommodation overlooks public spaces and access areas.

In collaboration with an architecture and design studio, Secured by Design have created a 3D virtual tool kit for planners, architects, surveyors, and anyone involved with designing, building and commissioning development.

Secured by Design also work with manufactures of construction materials to ensure they adhere to a specific set of standards to maximise security. Products like doors and windows need to comply with a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) certification body before being considered for SBD’s police preferred specification.

The Achievements of Secured by Design

The security and crime prevention work of SBD has been used in a wide range of developments. Since SBD established in 1989, there has been an overall reduction in property crime by 60%.

A report completed in 2017 showed that if Secured by Design plans were followed in building all new property, the rate of crime would reduce by 87%.

The projects that SBD work on are not just about preventing burglaries. SBD work with the development of large venues, hospitals and schools. The projects focus not only on the reduction of crime but also on the safety of everyone that will visit.

Secured by Design have developed specialist advice for counter-terrorism equipment for large public spaces. From perimeter security to glazing and grills Secured by Design have recognised the need for products that provide an extra level of security and protection.

Can You Add any SBD Features in your Home?

On the Secured by Design website, you are able to search for home security products. The list includes:

  • Alarm Systems
  • Doors
  • External Storage
  • Garage Doors & Vehicular Roller Shutter Doors
  • Locks & Hardware
  • Mail Delivery
  • Windows

Suppliers of these products have been checked and authorised by the Secured by Design initiative. This demonstrates that the products they supply are manufactured to an agreed standard to prevent crime.

Our parent company, ‘Future Products’, are listed as an approved supplier for doors. These doors are available to order from our website.

When you process a door order online, you are able to select Secured by Design as part of the buying process.

This selection automatically adds the required security features to your door order. This includes laminated glass that has been developed to withstand a brick being thrown at it, locks that deliver the highest levels of security and door specifications that consists of a spy hole and security chain.

The doors produced by Just Doors and Conservatories are made with strong and durable laminated veneered timber. This material enables it to pass the security testing as covered by the Secured by Design initiative. When you are planning any home improvements or additions, it is always worth checking first if the products you require have a Secured by Design supplier.