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What Your Front Door Colour Says About You

Your front door is the first thing people will see when they come to your home, and it’s been proven in a study by Dulux that it takes people just ten seconds to make a judgement of you based on your front door colour. It is therefore important that your front door colour tells people what you want to tell them about yourself, as first impressions really do count! Furthermore, a coloured front door can improve your home’s curb appeal, helping it to sell down the line.

Front Door Colour

What Does a White Door Say About You?

White is one of the most common options for front doors, as it gives the exterior of your house a clean look. White is a symbol of purity and light and is often linked with new beginnings. This would be a great option for your first house as it would symbolise the clean slate associated with this big move.

With a light coloured front door, it’s important that you keep it clean to avoid giving off the wrong impression. Be warned as well, white front doors give off the impression that your interior will also be clean and calm, so make sure you follow through with this theme in your home.

Choosing a Black Front Door

One of the most iconic doors in the world is black, that of number 10 Downing Street. Choosing to echo this style gives off the impression of sophistication and timeless style. Black will never go out of fashion, so choosing a black front door will allow your house to stand the test of time. When arriving at a house with a black front door, people will likely see you as someone with elegant efficiency, who focuses on the important things in life.

What Impression Does a Red Door Give?

If you go with a red front door, know that you’re making a bold statement! In Scotland, choosing a red front door signifies that you have paid off your mortgage which could be a lovely tradition to echo in your house when you hit that important milestone. However, red is also a colour associated with passion. To those who don’t know the Scottish tradition, choosing red for your front door colour implies that you are passionate, energetic, and fun.

Going for Green for Your Front Door

Choosing green as the colour for your front door is a more unique choice, nonetheless, still popular. Green is often associated with nature, so picking this colour can help your house show off your eco-friendly side.

Green is an excellent option for homes surrounded by nature, to blend in with your surroundings and create a harmonious looking exterior to your house. As green is a reasonably traditional colour, it also implies to your visitors that you hold traditional values and place value on this way of living. Green front doors can indicate you like to have family meals and keep your home neat and tidy.

What does a Blue Front Door Say to Your Guests?

The message of a blue front door varies depending on what shade of blue you choose. Going for a dark blue front door colour suggests a quiet intelligence and tranquillity about you. This can help your guests to see your home as a place of refuge and calm.

Opting for a lighter blue front door is a much more unusual choice, but can look fantastic, especially on seaside properties. Choosing light blue suggests you like things to be fresh and bright and likely reveals you as someone who enjoys bringing nature inside. To match this, fill your home with plants to keep the feeling of freshness alive within your home. 

How to Change Your Front Door Colour Easily?

The easiest way to change your front door colour to reflect your personality is to install a brand new solid core composite door. These are available in a huge range of colour and styles and are entirely customisable to match your unique personality and style.